Certified Safety: oSa

The Organization for the Safety of Abrasives (oSa) makes working with cutting and grinding tools safer, every day, everywhere. Founded in Bonn, Germany, in 2000, oSa has grown to be known as the symbol almost 60 leading manufacturers (and growing!) of premium tools trust. oSa is the symbol for the highest safety worldwide and an internationally protected trademark. 

oSa – The Symbol of Safety

Only after the fulfillment of strict admission criteria, will a member receive the right to apply this mark to their products. oSa members commit to certified quality management with documented processes and internal testing facilities of the highest competence. The three EN standards (EN 12413, EN 13236, EN 13743) form the cornerstone of the oSa safety philosophy. All members accept these safety standards for their products. 

oSa – A Story of Success

Since its founding, oSa has come to be known as the internationally recognized authority on cutting and grinding tools. oSa audits and advises manufacturers, representing the highest security requirements. Today, almost all leading premium manufacturers in the world are members of oSa. Around 70 percent of the handheld cutting and grinding tools on the market today are already stamped with the oSa symbol. 


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