Procedures from application to admission as oSa member

Safety rules based on EN safety standards. If you are interested in submitting an application, please send us the following documents:

Application Form,
Download form here: PDF/Word, sign and provide required evidence and attachments to application form:

Tables “Scope of oSa-products”:

Form for entering and evaluating the design test results: A sufficient number of sample test results (see item 1.6 of the application form) is required so oSa may assess whether an applicant has read and understand the Technical Annex and the relevant EN safety standards. In order to prepare for tests, the applicant must specify the “Scope of oSa products” associated with the application form. It is inadequate to run the tests on only one lot. We recommend carrying out the tests on different batches of 20 samples per test. The  test results should then be compared with previous results, in order to confirm consistency of the values. All test results must be entered in the official form (see above) and sent to oSa for examination. Additional requirements include a signed copy of the statutes (for legal purposes, we require the German version as well as signed copy of the conditions of use). 

Product Catalog to On the basis of the product catalog, oSa selects products that will be sent to the IFA for testing by the applicant (IFA: institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance,

After passing the tests, an inspection of the works takes place at the expense of the applicant.

Upon successful completion of the audit, the membership application is submitted to the board for its decision.

After admission to oSa, an annual audit is agreed to for a period of three years. The right to use the oSa mark is granted for a period of five years, beginning with the completion of the third consecutive audit. At the end of the five years, a new factory inspection will be carried out.

The technical requirements for oSa membership are summarized here.