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Use of the oSa trademark on your products
As an oSa member, you voluntarily commit to manufacturing your grinding tools to the highest safety standards. In return, you have the right to apply the oSa® trademark to your products. The oSa®brand is protected worldwide, standing for tested safety to the highest standards.

International brand communication
As a strong organization, the oSa® brand has a worldwide presence and is known as a synonym for verifiable safety in the grinding tool market. We actively communicate with all relevant target groups up to the user. 

Competent expert advice
We represent the highest security standards by auditing and advising manufacturers. We support our members with comprehensive expert advice on the safety of grinding tools with up to date information relating to all questions of safety standards. oSa is the competence center for grinding tool safety. As an oSa member, you have permanent access to all current information regarding standards and their innovations. 

Crisis Management Support
By adhering to the highest safety standards, you reduce the risk of product liability for your company. You gain security through clear documentation and traceability of production processes, protecting your company against reputational damage and financial risk. We advise you at critical moments. Need to organize a recall for defective grinding tools? We are there.