Safety tests of grinding wheels

Verification of resistance to bursting

The EN safety standards (EN 12413, 13743 and 13236) therefore require that abrasive products must have a safety factor against bursting due to centrifugal forces at their maximum operating speed. The safety factor is specified in the EN safety standards depending on the type of machine and abrasive product.

Safe abrasive products must be able to withstand the forces and loads that are to be expected both under normal conditions of use and in the event of misuse. The resistance to deformation and bursting depends on various factors such as material, geometry, type and duration of stress and environmental conditions.

Verification of resistance to bursting is provided by a burst speed test. In this test, the abrasive product is mounted in a clamping device on a suitable test machine and loaded with continuously increasing speed of rotation by centrifugal forces up to the minimum bursting speed (safety factor). The speed must be automatically detected and recorded.

If the abrasive product reaches the minimum bursting speed without breaking, the verification of resistance to bursting is considered as provided. The abrasive products used for the test must then generally be destroyed.